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Brandon Hicks


The work is a reflection of how many of us have felt this past two years, being trapped inside. It's the same experience, but everyone experiences it differently. This work attempts to show the diversity of lifestyles, and how they've been impacted--in a humorous way. 


Now, as we hopefully begin our long walk back to some form of normalcy, I think it's important for communities to reflect on what it meant to be indoors for such an extended period of time, and to acknowledge that outdoors, in a public space. 

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Art Description

The exterior of an apartment building. Inside, we can see six rooms. In the first, a couple is on their phones. There is evidently some ill-will between them. In the second room, we see a man and a woman in a gym, struggling to stay in shape. The third room features a singer mother, working from home over Zoom while her three kids cause havoc around her. The fourth room features an impressive library, but the man inside is watching tv. A fifth room features an artist who has painted the same bowl of fruit in several different styles. She clearly feels creatively stagnated. The last room hosts a man reading "Moby Dick" in the tub. He has accidentally knocked over a candle and set some clothing on fire. Above it all is the word "indoors."