You may have seen the "I (Heart) the North End" posters around Gottingen the past few weeks. They are part of a little campaign for local businesses in the area to express their love to the neighbourhood. This has been a difficult year for the Gottingen Street Community, with three murders in the area over the past 9 months. Gun violence has left many in the community rocked, heart broken and looking for answers and change. Moving past this will take a strong and supportive community. The North End is great neighbourhood. Everyone I have spoken to really believes that, but at the same time there is also concerned about recent events. In response to the shootings the Halifax Regional Police h


There was a lot of noise at the end of January about City Hall doubling parking fines from $25 to $50 in the downtown. This created a bit of a storm on social media and in the news with many people outraged with the proposal. NEBA's position is that it is very premature to consider increasing fines and such a move would have a negative impact on attracting people to the urban core. The city is looking at installing new parking payment technologies in the next couple of years which will help reduce harsh parking fine penalties for people who run a few minutes overtime, as well as resolve some of the abuses of the short-term parking by “all day parkers”. We have also been waiting a long tim

PROPELLER BREWING CO. | The Craft of Craft

Sitting down at a table in the Propeller tasting room on Gottingen Street, Propeller Brewing’s president John Allen introduces himself as the company’s spiritual leader. Chuckling, he describes the genesis of his company as a pivotal moment, a midlife crisis when he changed careers, “it was this or a Miata,” he laughs. Allen worked in film as a property master for about 15 years before he chose to escape the industry where he felt he’d peaked and brew beer full-time instead. “People assume I chose the name ‘Propeller’ because I was a prop guy in film production but that’s coincidence,” Allen explains, “the truth is, one time I was drinking in the old Seahorse and the room started to spin…I h

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