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Marite Kuss


A few years ago I visited Canada for the first time for a study exchange. When I first arrived, seeing the neighbourhood from the bus window, I was mesmerised by the wooden architecture that made coming from a big city so comforting and cozy. The colours of houses that I see when walking around the North End always make me feel safe and happy, whether it's contrasted with a brilliant blue sky or a twinkling twilight. As the months went by, I found happiness over and over in the North End. I had fun walking home with my friends even in pouring rain because the warm glow from people's windows was a comfort. I fell in love in the different bars, restaurants and parks, sealed with a kiss on a North End rooftop which convinced me that this is the place for me. The cozy community of the North End convinced me to no longer walk these streets as a visitor but as a newcomer that can call this place my own. That's why I have created a magical imagining of the neighbourhood, so that it can be even more colourful and appealing and with the help of patterns and contrasting colours can be more accessible to people with visual impairments.

Image Description

I have reimagined the wonderful architecture of the North End by adding patterns, bold lines and shades that vary in value and depth, so that they can be enjoyed by people who see the world through various types of colour blindness. I've also painted in colour blocks so that the colours and shapes can be enjoyed through blurred vision. I chose watercolour paints as my medium because it gives the drawing nice textures that can be seen well on a computer screen so that if the banner is not easy to view, the viewer can look at it closer on a screen at home.

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