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Kristen Harrington

Make Truce with a Dragon

This vibrant fluid art painting uses a technique where a variety of colours, textures and mediums are brought together to interact and create beautiful designs. This style is symbolic of how different components brought together make for the most striking outcome. In isolation, the colours merely stand alone. But as they weave, flow and blend together, their diverse properties respond as they wish and then emerges a complete piece. This is how I see the North End community of Halifax. A myriad of individual people, places and components are brought together to create an entire experience of synergy.

As someone who belongs to the deaf (little "d" - deaf in one ear) community, I rely on visual stimulation all the more. I like to use colour as a way of offering an experience. The abstract style also makes it so that the observer can interpret the piece in a personal way. It's more about a feeling than having to interpret something specific. I like that it's open and personal in this way and that my other senses can take over.

This piece was inspired by a song (of the same name) written by my husband, a local musician. Making truce with our 'dragons' is about coming to terms with our fears and hardships. I feel that this message is thematic to the North End community who has demonstrated resilience and support amidst a challenging couple of years

Image Description

Blue, black, red, white, and violet paint is marbled, swirled, and bubbled across the canvas.

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