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Bria Miller

Mindin' My Business

"Mindin' My Business" is related to my experience of the North End, and the community surrounding it who has shown me so much love and support over the years. Images include sitting in the park, showing solidarity and paying homage to the longstanding history of African Nova Scotians here, an affirmation to affirm a sense of belonging to those who view it, and a statement of Black lives matter.

Image Description

An illustrated image of a Black femme person lying on a bright colored patterned blanket ontop of green grass. They are wearing lime green leggings, with white socks that have two blue striped at the top. In her hands and covering their face is a large red book, and their curly hair also peeks out from behind the book. Above and to the right of their head is a thought bubble with a light bulb inside of it. To their right, on the blanket beside them is a bag of chips, a water bottle, two books, and a totebag. To their left on the blanket is their phone.

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