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7 Colors Gallery

The face of a neighbourhood

The piece is a straight depiction of my personal fascination with the North End community. I have been living in the city for less than 2 months and I have never seen a neighbourhood so charming and vibrant! I love everything about the streets, the houses, the open spaces and the local shops. This digital collage was entirely made in Adobe Photoshop and is mostly composed of photographs I took myself, mixed with geometric shapes on the background. The smile on my face, the flowers and the colors are an attempt to display how I truly feel when I'm walking by Gottingen and Agricola streets.

Image Description

Digital collage made of photo clippings of flowers, plants, the façade of a house with two windows and a floating face cut from the nose down. The composition as a whole suggests the windows are the eyes of the floating face and the plants and flowers that grow from above the picture of the house are the hair. There are also butterflies composing the scenario and some random geometric figures in the background.

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