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Churchfield Barracks

Churchfield Barracks are valued for their association with the British Army in Halifax at the turn of the twentieth century. These residential buildings were built by the British as barracks and were completed in 1903. At one time the army garrison church was located where Trinity Church now stands and the barracks became locally known as the ‘Churchfield Barracks.’ They were first listed in the Halifax City Directory in 1902 as the "New Military Barracks" on the garrison chapel grounds. They are also locally known as the Twelve Apostles.

Architecturally, Churchfield Barracks valued as a good example Gothic Revival style and is unique within Nova Scotia. The units feature steeply pitched gabled roofs with covered porch entrances that provide shelter and easy run off of rain and snow. Each unit features a gabled Gothic style dormer and an enclosed porch with a small window. As well each unit has a segmental window on the first storey with radiating voussoir and sandstone window sill. This twelve unit row house provides a tangible link with the city’s significant military past. (

Churchfield Barracks
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