• Description

    A north-end community practice space offering traditional ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Manju P. Jois, the eldest son of Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

    Ashtanga practice space is co-directed by Jody Manley and Terrilee Bulger. Jody is the first Canadian student to be authorized by Manju to teach Ashtanga yoga..

    Ashtanga yoga is thought to be a difficult practice based on how it is taught. In our view, everyone can practice ashtanga yoga regardless of age or ability.

    We offer Mysore classes and traditional led classes. In Mysore classes, students are taught one on one in a group setting; each students practice is individualized based on need. Led classes are taught in a traditional format, including pranayama & meditative chants-modifications are provided so all levels can participate.