MRD Driver Training

MRD Driver Training

Monday - Sunday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm 


5531 Young Street

Halifax, NS, B3K 1Z7




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    About us, MRD Maritime Roadwise & Defensive Driving School


    It is hard to go through life without a driver’s license. Doing so forces you to rely on friends or on unreliable public transportation. If you want to go places without limitations, you will want to take driving lessons at MRD Driving School so that you can acquire a valid driver’s license.


    What makes a good driving school: top-rated instructors, that’s what. And ours are la crème-de-la crème! Since 1994, we have been a N.S. leader in driver training. Over the years, we’ve taught thousands of students how to drive, become certified by the Canada Safety Council to teach the Point Deduction Defensive Driving Course, and the 55-Alive Senior Refresher; we were also certified by the province to train Driving Instructors, one of only 4 schools in the province so certified, and added a manual-shift vehicle to our fleet – the only driving school in Nova Scotia so equipped! 

    We also offer a pass GUARANTEE with our TeenSmart package—we are the only place in Halifax to do so. So if you should happen to fail your road test, we will train you free of charge to pass it next time!

    We are also the only school with a manual-shift vehicle in its fleet.

    And we do more than teach people how to drive; we do several 6-hour classroom sessions to reduce demerit points, exit new drivers out of Graduated License, and give seniors a refresher course. And we’re an approved provider of N.S. Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Driving-Instructor Training Course, and its Driver Improvement Course.

    For the best driving school, contact MRD Driving School and enroll now! Our prices are significantly cheaper than our big-name competition, and we’re located near you: 

    5531 Young St. Halifax; 

    1480 Fall River Rd. Fall River; 

    51 Forest Hills Dr. Cole Harbour


    • Our Halifax Learn-to-Drive course is for all ages. With 25 hours of classroom + 10 hours of driving, it pays for itself over 2 to 3 years in insurance savings!  Also, it reduces the road-test wait-time from 12 months to 9! And, you get a Defensive Driving Certificate required by N.S. to remove the N!
    • Our Halifax Adult Only Learn-to-Drive package is for those over the age of 23 only, and includes the Defensive Driving Certificate required by N.S. to remove the N! With 8 hours of classroom + 8 hours of driving, it’s an unbelievable deal!
    • We offer the 6-hr., “Driver Improvement Course (classroom)”, required by the Registry of MV when drivers are at risk of having their license revoked due to demerit points.
    • We also offer the 6-hr. Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course (classroom) which can reduce 4 demerit points off a drivers’ license. 
    • We also offer a 6-hr. senior citizen driving refresher (classroom), “55-Alive”.
    • We have a manual shift vehicle, and can teach you to drive it in just 2 hours!