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Sacha Stephan

A Day in the Life

In this piece I aim to capture the vibrancy, playfulness, and multifaceted nature of the North End. How you can walk down a street in the morning and pick up fresh, local ingredients to make breakfast, see gorgeous nature blooming in the parks or in peoples’ front yards, and then walk down that same street in the evening to grab drinks with friends and catch some of our local musical talent at a show or even at a karaoke spot. One street (and indeed, the entire neighbourhood) has the capability to embody multiple personas depending on the day, the time, and even the season. The patterned, mosaic-like border is intended to reflect the diverse nature of the area – how, much like the North End, all these different people and things can coexist side-by-side in support of a harmonious and supportive community.

Image Description

[Image description] Digital drawing of a bird, flowers, food, a microphone, and two glasses sharing a liquid. A sun appears at the top of the drawing, and a moon appears at the bottom. The drawing is surrounded by a black border with a checkerboard pattern, as well as some colourful blob-like shapes.

[Accessibility considerations] I’ve prioritized the use of high-contrast colours and solid linework in order to ensure the items depicted remain recognizable to those who have low vision.

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