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Parking Map

The Halifax North End’s commercial district has free street parking available on nearly every street between Gottingen and Agricola, and Cogswell and Young. With approximately 120 public paid surface parking spaces and over 100 bike racks, there are plenty of places to park and enjoy all that the North End has to offer. Whether you are doing some shopping or dining from out of the neighbourhood, visiting from out of town, or just looking for a better place to park, this map will assist you for all your parking needs.


Park here at any time. Time limits and payment may be required

No Parking

No parking at any time. In some cases, you may be prohibited from stopping, for any reason.

Restricted parking

Parking permitted at certain time of the day/week. Time limits and/or permits may be required.


Pay Parking

Parking requires payment all or some of the time.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking by permit only. Time limits and additional parking restrictions may apply.


Bicycle Parking

Bike rack.

Loading Zone

Parking for active loading/unloading. Maximum of 30 minutes.

How to use this map:

Click on the lines and icons on the map to find more information about parking such as when you can park, time limits, and capacity. Follow the colour coded legend to search for parking availability, loading zones, accessible parking spaces, or bicycle parking. You can even turn the layers on and off to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Plan your trip to the North End ahead of time here on our website or add the map to your Google Maps app on your phone. Follow these steps to add the map to your phone:

  1. Open the map by clicking the         button in the map above

  2. Open and sign in to the Google Maps app on your phone

  3. Go to Saved at the bottom of the screen, then select Maps

  4. Select the North End Parking Map


While comprehensive, this map does not replace obeying street parking signs and traffic rules. If there is a discrepancy between the map and parking signs on the street, always defer to the sign. If you find any errors or see any changes to public parking or bike racks, feel free to let us know at

Please follow these simple rules when parking in the North End:

  • Park at least five metres away from a fire hydrant 

  • Make sure you are not blocking a driveway 

  • Park at least 10 metres back from a stop sign 

  • Park at least 7.5 metres from a corner 

  • Don’t park in or too close to a crosswalk 

  • Don’t park on a sidewalk 

  • Don’t park in a fire lane 

  • Don’t park at a bus stop 

  • Don’t park in a no-parking zone

  • Don’t stop, for any reason, in a no-stopping zone

  • Don’t park in a bike lane


You can find more information on parking rules in Halifax Regional Municipality here.

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