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Meghan Bray


When I think about the North End, I am reminded of the autumn season. The autumn colours gave me the inspiration for my colour palette. Regardless of the true season, I love walking through the neighborhoods of the North End while playing “spot the cat” with my partner. Although, we had to stop playing for a while due to the number of cats we would encounter (calling out “CAT!” began to interrupt whatever conversation we were having). The “spot the cat” game as well as my love of animals, gave me my subject matter for this project. The style in which I have created the image comes from my love of graffiti and abstract impressionism. I love that graffiti, like the neighborhood cats, break up the day-to-day sights that you see on your walks and leave you inspired.

Image Description

Abstract image of a cat, hand drawn using a pen and tablet on the computer then digitally manipulated creating a glitched artwork. Cat is orange and white, sitting with his arms under him looking to the right.

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