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Yewande Taiwo


This piece emulates the various aspects of culture we see in the North End of Halifax. This image embodies strength, power, resilience, and boldness. When I think of the North End this is what comes to mind. The strength of Africville Descendants and many People of Colour who have risen above adversity. The power of the community when it comes together for a cause. The resilience of many families who have withstood the many changes happening in the North End and the social challenges that are experienced in the area. And the boldness this community has to continue standing up, advocating for the rights and support of the many cultures that exist in the area. The North End stands out and is a pillar in Halifax’s history and culture.

Image Description

Black woman in her mid-twenties with chocolate brown skin. She is wearing orange sunglasses with light shining off it. She is wearing a retro leather jacket. She has short natural hair and is wearing red lipstick.

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