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Dan Anello - Digital Dan

Taste Face

"Taste Face" plays on the traditional "sugar skull" artwork of the Aztecs, taking the sugar to a new level. This artwork represents the colours and vibrancy found around every corner in the North End. This artwork is a celebration of food, mainly dessert, and all the colourful ways it can be presented. Not only is this work of art a diverse representation of food, it's also a diverse representation of the community and can be appreciated by all cultures.

The two donuts represent the two iconic doughnut shops in the North End and the playful competition between the two. The ocean as a background represents the close proximity to the waterfront from the North End and the coastal lifestyle of Nova Scotia.

This artwork brings the many food options available to life and will inspire those who see it to grab a few snacks on their stroll through the trendy streets of the North End. Food breaks all barriers and a good dessert can be enjoyed by everyone of all backgrounds.

Image Description

The artwork "Taste Face" is heavily influenced by the sugar skull artwork created by the Aztecs. All of the facial components are represented by food, first with the head being a green watermelon and slice of watermelon with seeds on the top of the face. Watermelon slices are also used to define the cheekbones. The bottom of the face is anchored with an orange slice, holding everything together.

The eyes are two pink doughnuts with sprinkles used to represent the doughnut shops in the North End. In the center of the doughnut eyes are rainbow coloured, swirl, hard candy. Above these eyes are two bananas, one for each eyebrow. The "third eye", center of the forehead, is a small cupcake with a cherry on top.

The nose is represented by a red strawberry and the handlebar moustache is created with two ice cream cones for the handles and a long wrapped pink hard candy for the moustache.

The teeth are represented using cupcakes with candles representing a party and lively atmosphere that's always found in the North End.

An ocean sunset photo is used as a background to pull everything together and represent the North Ends proximity to the ocean.

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