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New Construction

Active Application for Zoning Variance 

Address: 5516 Bilby Street

Project: 64 residential units in an 8 storey residential building with a townhouse podium. 

Links: Case 20719

Address: 2657 Robie St.

Project: Construction of an additional garage


Address: 6070 Almon St.

Project: The proposal is for 5 towers on 3 shared podiums with a total of 352 residential units.

Links: Case 20871

Address: 2030 Gottingen St.

Project: Construction of an accessory building


Address: 2470 & 2480 Maynard St.

Project:  8 Storey mixed use building, 45% to be 2+ bedrooms. Minor commercial on ground floor

Links: Case 19353

Address: 2438 Gottingen

Project:  Rehabilitation of Victoria Hall: 16 storey residential building, 137 units, 1 and 2 bedrooms, 2 levels of under ground parking.

Links: Case 22115

Address: 2267 Brunswick Street

Project: 8 storey addition to rear of 2267 Brunswick st. 42 units, 4 parking spaces, brick facade.

Links: Case 20417

Address: 2857 Isleville Street

Project: Multi unit residential building. Expected 37 units. Information may be outdated.

Links: 2857 Isleville

Address: 3075 Devonshire Avenue

Project: 9 floors residential with a total of 117 units. Minor commercial on the ground floor at Barrington.

Links: The Junction

Address: 5375 Kaye Street,


Project: Propose that the church receives heritage designation.

Links: Case 20669

Address: 2440-2454 Agricola Street

Project: 5 storey apartment, 34 residential units and ground floor minor commercial

Links: Case 20632

Address: 5558 Bilby 

Project: 71 Residential units, minor commercial and residential (Single unit, duplexes, low-rise)

Links: Case 20326

Address: 2856 Gottingen St.

Project: 66 residential, units; 3 3-beds, 19 2-beds, 44 studio and 1-bed. 49 indoor parking, 2 storey streetwall along each frontage, upper floors stepped back from sidewalk. Minor commercial on ground floor

Links: Case 20149

Address: 3085 Robie St.

Project: Construction of a bar/restaurant 


Address: 5511 Bloomfield Street

Project: 90 residential units of which 39 units are 2-bed+. 72 Under ground parking stalls to be included.

Links: Case 21618

Address: 2165 Gottingen St.

Project: Construction of 5 Storey office building

Links: Case 21979

Address: 2856 Gottingen

Project: 7 storey building of 63 units composed of; 24 bachelor, 12 1-bed, 24 2-bed, 4 2-bed + den. Ground floor minor commercial

Links: Case 21321,  Halifax

Address: 5540 Kaye St.

Project: Request to build a penthouse on top of the commercial building which is currently under construction.

Links: Case 20489

Address: 5501 Cunard

Project: Mixed use development to include 68 residential units and 4700 square feet of commercial

Links: The Velo

Address: 2631 Fuller Terrace

Project: Convert 1 commercial unit into 1 residential unit resulting in 5 residential units total in the apartment

Links: Case 19238

Address: 2486 Creighton St.

Project: Build a two unit residential building or a 1 unit residential with an office.

Links: Case 21984

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