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Abbott Brown Architects

Abbott Brown Architects

Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm


(902) 405 8877

5657 Nora Bernard Street

Halifax, NS B3K 1B6


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  • Description

    Abbott Brown Architects are architects and urban designers that strive to create bold architecture with an emphasis on creative responses to site and form.

    We work with the philosophy that each project- whether it be a house or a public facilities- has a unique starting point and outcome.

    Much of our work reflects an intersection between modern, aspirational design thinking and an appreciation of the local Maritime context and conditions.

    Our approach is rooted in the conviction that architectural design can be richer and more impactful than it often is. We search for new opportunities to improve a given scenario, to be clear in the design idea, and to distill issues down to strong elemental moves which in turn bring buildings to life. We work collaboratively with our clients, with builders, engineers, craftsmen and artists to draw these qualities out and to create spaces with a joyful and rooted sense of place.

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