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    In case you were wondering, the word frabjous comes from Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" poem. It's a mash-up of the words fair, fabulous, and joyous. After moving to Halifax in the spring of 2022, Inge and Marshall discovered that there were many things they loved that they couldn't find. They decided then and there that they would re-establish their chocolate company, Whim Chocolate, and surround it with the specialty food items they love. As they started telling their friends about their plans, their friends started asking for products that they loved and that they couldn't find. They added those items to the list. After they opened their shop on the corner of Agricola and Roberts streets in the spring of 2023, their customers started asking for products that they loved and that they couldn't find. The theme of the shop was born! What you'll discover in their little shop are specialty food items that are loved by Inge and Marshall, their friends, and their customers! A customer once told Inge that the reason she came to the shop wasn't to ask them to find a product for herself but rather because she enjoyed "seeing what other people loved." That's the feeling you get when you enter their shop! You'll be surrounded by a curated collection of loved specialty food items and, not to mention, delicious chocolate!

    The shop is now packed full of Stumptown coffee from Oregon (“I wondered if it was really that effing good. It really is that effing good.”), Lakrids by Bülow licorice from Denmark (Inge: “You won’t regret it.” Customer: “I already don’t regret it.”), Edmund Fallot mustard and Le Jacquard Français tea towels from France, and many, many, more delectable treats! They've also recently added La Chambre aux Confitures jams from a boutique in Paris, San Nicasio potato chips from famed Spanish Michelin starred chef José Andrés, and, coming soon, private import of the best paprika from Hungary!

    There are frequently Lizzo dance parties and disco Fridays, so you can bop while you shop! They've also started hosting charcuterie and oyster shucking workshops and, coming soon, a mocktail workshop with a special session entitled “What is Orgeat anyway?”

    Please stop by and tell us what you love!

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