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LF Bakery

LF Bakery

Monday - Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday - Sunday: 7:30am - 6:00pm


2063 Gottingen Street

Halifax, NS, B3K 0C3


(902) 423-3377




  • Description

    Laurent Marcel has grown up in bakeries.  The son of two bakers from Le Mans, France, he learned the trade working by his parents’ side at their bakery in the small French city.  Having moved to Saint Pierre et Miquelon, a French territory bordering Newfoundland, approximately a dozen years ago, Laurent made the move to Canada shortly thereafter, starting in Nova Scotia with Boulangerie La Vendéenne before heading to Montréal.  While scouting Canada’s largest french métropolitaine for a location to showcase his talents, he got wind that a prime retail space was on the market in the heart of Halifax’s newest gastronomic centre, Gottingen Street.  He quickly jumped at the opportunity and now works tirelessly to bring his customers the best baked goods France has to offer with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients.

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