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Sophia Alarcon

A Walk in the North End

When I first moved to Halifax, I first lived in the North End. I would often walk to school and one of my favorite things to see during my walks were the crayon houses (the red, yellow and blue houses) on Agricola street. Using the houses as my inspiration, I decided to use red, yellow and blue for my color palette (in addition to black and white). Furthermore, as a cartoonist, I wanted to use a comic book page layout, with each panel depicting some of my favorite activities and places in the North End -- attending a North by Night market; walking along Agricola street and window shopping or attending a Switch event; stopping at Hali Deli for a delicious hot dog or drinking a beer at the iconic red-clad Gus' Pub -- in order to imply a narrative of a day spent walking in the North End. With my composition, I wanted to create a subtle ode to some of my favorite places and activities in the North End.

Image Description

The top quarter of the image features a black and white silhouetted drawing of a crowd of people from the shoulders up with a string of lights overhead. The second quarter is a red, blue and yellow house with white windows against a white background. The third quarter of the image is three pairs of running feet from the knee down. The last quarter is split into two. On the right two foaming and overflowing mugs of beers on a red table. And on the left, a red hot dog on a yellow bun against a black and white checkered background.

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