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Andrea Crouse

Agricola Connected

Inspired by the charm and simplicity of the colourful houses in my neighbourhood, my paper collage creations capture the texture of our North End community in a detailed, yet utilitarian, way.

​My art, a form of collage mastered over many years of thoughtful practice, involves taking tiny paper cut-outs from magazines and gluing them onto wood panels. It is a slow and deliberate process that provides a sense of calm and relaxation, forcing me to truly be in the moment. I believe that giving myself time to be still and to focus on the creation at hand can be a healing and strengthening process similar to meditation.

This paper collage titled ‘Agricola Connected’ features a row of colourful houses along Agricola street in North End Halifax. These houses are within a short walking distance of my home and inspire & delight me as I move about the city. Our community is growing and modern but keeps its historic charm intact. Using brightly coloured paper and unique perspectives, I attempt to capture the feeling of a neighbourhood walk to showcase the vibrancy and uniqueness of the North End. The trees represent a connection to nature which is a wonderful aspect of living here with so many beautiful tree-lined streets and accessible parks.

Image Description

A pea-green wooden-sided row house with a red door, steps, and roof sits next to a black house with a bright yellow door. A tall, gnarled, leafless tree towers between them.

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