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Gabrielle Theano

Arches 1

One of my favourite views is the long perspective view through arches, often seen when crossing our bridges. The diminishing perspective gives me the sense of travelling much further, and inspire fanciful thoughts of wormhole travel through time and space. This piece reflects that narrative, as well as the many peaceful moments I have on evening walks, spotting stars and planets in our sky.
The layers, created with different textural stitches, also represents our North End Community, which has many layers, and histories, both good and difficult. We navigate through those layers every day, but I hope, always towards both revelation and inspiration.

Image Description

Arches 1 is one of two pieces (see portfolio for the other) consisting of textural layers of fabric and textured stitching (couching). Arches 1 also replaces some of the layers of fabric with the highly textured machine stitching (whip and feather stitch) that allow tactile investigation as well as visual. The use of complimentary colours also improves the visibility of the piece.

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