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Kerry Hodgson

As The Crow Flies

This image was inspired by a particular view of Dartmouth from Albert and Rector.
I have a friend that lives in that area and would visit the North End quite frequently. His house sits on the hill looking towards Dartmouth and we enjoyed a few stunning
sunsets while watching the crows flying towards the Mount to roost.

As a relative new comer to this city, there are many things I have come to love
about the North End. And while I don’t live there I appreciate the vibrancy, the
community... the potential. It very much reminds me of my old Centretown
neighbourhood in Ottawa. But I love the quiet, warm summer nights looking
out over the Narrows. And I am always struck by how iconic and, in their own
right, beautiful, the stacks are from this vantage point. And I wonder how this view might change in the future.

Image Description

This image is a graphical interpretation of a view of the Stacks from the North End of Halifax. It includes a vibrant sunset background with crows flying to the mount and trees in the foreground. Smoke from the stacks conform to create the visual of a woman looking down pondering.

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