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Hector Diolola


The Bayanihan (pronounced as buy-uh-nee-hun) is a Filipino custom derived from a Filipino word “bayan”, which means nation, town or community. Bayanihan is a spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos, helping each other to achieve one goal.

I was inspired to create an illustration depicting bayanihan in the present times, and how it’s been practiced even here in Halifax, especially at North End. I’ve divided the illustration to different parts representing North End: Wonder’neath studios, Local Source Market, the neighbourhood, North Branch Public Library, Halifax Pride, My Mother’s Bloomers. These are just few of things you could enjoy at North End. I wanted to show how the colourful and diverse community of North End connects and takes part on building and helping each other. Each takes an important role; they are the story and foundation of this community. All are different, but all have one goal, to build the community once again, especially after the pandemic.

Bayanihan or the act of helping the community could also be done through simple gestures, it doesn’t have to be grand. By supporting local products and businesses; by simply appreciating what your neighbourhood has to offer; participating, exploring and discovering new experiences. These are just few that helps this community. We can’t prosper on our own, we all need each other’s support.

Image Description

The illustration is divided to six colourful sections representing different things you could discover at North End.

First top-left box shows a kid wearing a hat, holding a colourful fiesta banderitas (banners) he made at Wonder’neath studios.

The banderitas that the kid was holding is connected to middle-right box. Here the nice lady at the library is holding the other end of the banderitas. The nice Lady is wearing a bright pink hijab (her favourite) and an orange abaya dress, w/c matches perfectly with her hijab. Behind her are the colourful books you can find at the North branch public library.

At the top-right section, the friendly staff from Local Source Market is handing a basket filled with local and fresh products. Behind the staff are different local produce the store has to offer; fresh juicy tomatoes, and sweet apples.

At the middle-left section, a happy neighbour is reaching for the basket filled with local, fresh products. Her black Persian cat seems happy too.

At the lower-left side section, there’s a lovely drag queen waving hello. She’s wearing her favourite orange dress and accessories. She styled her blonde wig perfectly too. Behind her was the progress pride flag.

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