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John McPartland - ABSEN

Brewing for Better

This piece shows a worker rolling a Keg of beer. It has a strong tie to the beer making industry that we have here in Halifax. We have the most breweries per capita in the country, it a major part of our economy and our culture. Halifax has 12 major breweries and the North End has several of those. Propeller, Unfiltered, Oland, Tusket Falls, Chain Yard, Good Robot, and Boxing Rock just to name a few. There are more and if we include spirits then we also have Compass which is my favourite building in the North End. The piece has parts of black and white and then also parts of colour. This is to pay homage to the past and also to the present. The past being the beer industry that Halifax grew upon and the present that shows the remarkable growth of the North End with a lively restaurant industry that is my personal favourite in the city.

Image Description

This painting shows a working man rolling a keg of beer. Parts of him and the keg are in black and white while other parts are in color. the ground is a dirty brown floor of a keg making workshop. Behind the man is a draped Canadian flag and the background is has a grey/pink hue.

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