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Abigail Gravill

Coy and Oil

The idea for this piece was to create something visually striking that would draw one's eye. That is the important part of art, making a piece that quickly catches attention but keeps the gaze on the details, causing the viewer to pause and really take in all the elements that makes it so eye-catching. This painting was meant to complement the current aesthetic of the North End, to bring a traditional piece that is beautiful in its simplicity to make a visually compelling painting that would stand out in a crowd. While I do not live within the borders of the North End, Halifax is my home and I like to create artwork that I would like to see on my streets, which is why I created Coy and Oil.

Image Description

Acrylic painting on canvas titled Coy and Oil. This is a painting that depicts a woman from the shoulders up, staring directly at the viewer at the center of the canvas. Her features are relaxed and her gaze pointed with blue eyes matching the blue of the background. Her hair is dark, flowing past her shoulders down to meet the bottom of the canvas, morphing from strands to form more flowing shapes. Behind her the background is a gradient of blues going from light in the center to dark at the edges. They mix together creating the appearance that can be described as either water or the night sky. Surrounding the figure's head is a mix of abstract shapes and two Koi's in gold, silver and white. The combination of all these elements creates a visual story that flows from the top to bottom of the canvas, leaving no portion without interest.

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