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Lydia Wilks

Dinner with Mom

This piece, oil on canvas, is titled “Dinner with Mom”. It captures the vigor of a moment – the simple beauty in the table, the glass, the lights, and all the details of a restaurant around you as you share a meal with a loved one. While a night out is made most special by the food, drinks, and company, there is a strong effect created by the atmosphere of your evening and the character of your surroundings. This is what gives our memories of these evenings such vibrancy and compels us to return. North End has this same charm, which adds color to your special moments and lingers with a sweet buzz in your memories. The painting invokes the same feeling as the North End – the urge to sit down with a loved one, soak in the pleasant atmosphere, and enjoy the peace of a simple yet enriching night.

Image Description

The painting shows a rustic table in a restaurant built from solid wood, holding a bottle and glass of water. The scene is lit by a rosy hue, and the light is scattered through the glass water vessels and across the table. The background shows people socializing and enjoying each other's company, which contributes to the warm atmosphere.

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