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Prachi Gaba

Entering North End

The art is drawn from the perspective of a newcomer. It shows the welcoming nature of north end, and how instantly you fit in with the diversity. There are people from all backgrounds who call north end their home. In the background, there is a pole that mentions some recognizable characteristics of north end. In the background, there are colourful houses on the right and stores on the left. The stores on the left mention ‘local business’ - another remarkable character of north end. Overall, there are small details to define the culture of the beautiful neighbourhood.

Image Description

The art displays a diverse group of individuals sitting on a bench welcoming people from all backgrounds into their beautiful neighbourhood of north end. Behind the bench is a pole that mentions some noteable characteristics of north end like the cafes, local artists, plants, patios and breweries. In the background on the right are colourful houses depicting the north end’s colours and on the left, there are stores labelled as ‘local business’.

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