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Growing Momentum

My name is Solskin Brask. I use Ze/Hir pronouns. I am a mixed-media artist. I grew up in the North/West end of Halifax. I use to stay with my auntie on May St as a child and those are some of my fondest memories growing up. This illustration I created made me think of the community garden on Almon St that sprung up. It was an impromptu community action that as a child, felt so wholesome and exciting. Now as an adult seeing all the gentrification, destruction of beautiful old buildings, erection of new condos and facing a housing crisis it felts important to take a moment to look back on memories of watching plants grow; growth that will outlive any man-made structures.

Image Description

An illustrative comic that is broken in up into six illustrations. The first is a hand holding a bag labelled seeds. The second image is a hand sowing the seeds in their hands, in the ground. The third is illustrations of the phases of the moon showing the passage of time. Underneath is the illustration of small seeds in the ground slowly growing. Next to that is an image of happy healthy flowers growing together. The final illustration is a close-up of an eye with a heart for a pupil and one happy tear falling from their eye.

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