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Amber Solberg

Hood Dogs

To me, walking around the neighbourhood is about who you see and who you greet. It's the people around you that really make a place feel like a home, and it's not just neighbours & community members I like to see, but their pets.

For my illustration, I thought about the people I know-what they look like, how they act, their ages, personalities, dispositions, and while they're memorable to me, that they might not want to be memorialized in public. So I pivoted the idea to dogs of Halifax-their looks, personalities, demeanors and energy. Every dog in this picture is based off of a real in-city dog, but loose enough that it can be attributable to anyone's pet. The colours were chosen to be bright and eye-catching for any season.

I'd hope that, by having a subject a lot of people enjoy, the ability to recognizable to pups they may know, and the bright candy-like colours, this would be enjoyable to folks of any age. There's a lot of information to take in when I walk down the street, and seeing something funny or lighthearted in passing always makes my day. I'd be happy if this illustration gave that feeling to other people too.

Image Description

Brightly coloured dogs all pushed together to take up the entire image. Blues, purples, oranges and greens. all blend together to create a very bright image.

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