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Mark Maestro

Katas ng OFW

The “Jeepney" is an iconic symbol of Philippine transportation. After the war in the fifties, American soldiers left military jeeps which were then recuperated and recycled into public transportation by Filipinos. They have been known for their crowded but convivial seating, packing up people like sardines to efficiently get an overpopulated city to their destinations. For a certain time, the jeepney were adorned with vibrant and colorful decorations of kitch adornments making references to popular, colonial and religious aspects of our culture. In their heyday, they became a symbol of Philippine culture and everyday life.To this day, most jeepneys are family owned and financed by the labour of Filipino overseas workers

Image Description

The painting has a detailed image of a “jeepney” a local Philippine transport whose origins are from American military jeeps let by soldiers after the war. Local people in a devastated country recycled and refurbished this vehicle to a means of public transport that has become an iconic symbol of Filipino culture. The jeepney is painted in silver and bright colors against a blue background, adorned with personal effects of signage etc.

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