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Jools Annie

Mom friends just get it

My piece depicts a household scene of moms and their children spending the day together, eating food, playing, and cleaning up messes, but making it fun. It speaks to the special connection mom friends have because of the understanding that the day-to-day of raising kids can be repetitive and tiring, yet at the same time even the simplest moments can be the ones children remember fondly. I think this piece has a nice connection to this program with its special focus on motherhood because the North End is a thriving community full of schools, daycares and MOMS doing their best day by day to raise their children. I think having an art piece devoted to mothers' silent and tireless work displayed on North Park Street is a nice shout out to all parents that they are valued community members even in the work that is largely not seen.

Image Description

'Two mothers sit in a vibrantly coloured living room with their children, one is playing spa day with her daughter and the other is topping a pile of pancakes with berries as their child helps. A doorway near the back shows a view into the kitchen where another mom is cleaning up a mess on the floor as her toddler plays in the water suds. There are toys strewn all over the floor, a basket of laundry overflowing, plates of food and an overturned baby bottle'.

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