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Cail Reagh


Typography is the foundation of communication.

I have traveled to many places in the world, keeping my apartment in the North end as home base. I always felt like the typography outside storefronts, or lettering done by a street artist allowed me to get an immediate feel for a new city or setting.

The North End is a place that I would describe as being multicultural and extremely inclusive. There are not many communities in Halifax, or in many cities that I've been to in my life, that have this level of diversity. I've seen ramen, tacos, empinadas, vindaloo, vegan donairs and yes also the coveted bacon covered donut all within a short walking distance from my apartment on North. Pretty darn impressive!

The work that I created uses playful bold lettering to ensure clarity for all. A black background allows the colours, representing that unique North End diversity, to really pop. The letters repeat and travel behind NORTHEND, giving the art the feeling of movement because - as we all know - the North End never stops. Just like the North End, my work is easy to enjoy by people who are from this area or just visiting for the first time.

Image Description

Colourful typography playfully move towards the viewer off of a black background. The text reads "North End"

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