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Jay Marie

New Home

A few years ago, I moved to Halifax after having had a difficult year. When I arrived, I found myself walking through the North End. I was immediately comforted by the colourful and welcoming neighbourhood. I remember this feeling of finally having found home. These pieces are a representation of the inner warmth and acceptance I felt as I walked the welcoming streets, and the joy I still feel today as I say hello to the many North End kitties in all the windows

Image Description

A two dimensional drawing made from chalk and coloured pencils of many tall and narrow rectangles depicting houses. The houses are multicoloured, in greens, blues, oranges and purples. There are outlines of windows and doors on the houses. You can see the outline of a black cat in the top left corner, the bottom right, and a brown cat right centre. In the bottom centre, there is an image of the back of a girls body, she is wearing blue and has a long blond braid down the centre of her back. She has a thick yellow outline surrounding her.

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