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Kate Macdonald


This piece of art is an abstract photo of dried flowers, mildly distorted through water. Featuring the text "omni-" meaning all surrounding, in its entirety, of all things. I chose this word as a reminder that my ancestors, my future, my present is all-encompassing. That we have survived hardships. There is a life beyond this. There is a universe I've never known of. But there's no need to be overwhelmed by this for we are omni- as well. We are whole, all surrounding and of all things.

Image Description

A picture of dried flower leaves, mirrored. The background is bright neon orange and the flower is a bright blue. The picture is slightly distorted through water, giving an underwater, water droplet texture. In the lower left hand corner the word "omni-" in thick bold letters with a translucent, lightly coloured square behind the lettering. The lettering tucks neatly into the square.

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