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Jenn Avalon

Queen of the North End

The North End is known for its residents’ love of pets, especially cats. The “Queen of the North End” represents our beloved pets who love us for who we are and who make a place a home. I love walking by homes in the North End with so many pets in the windows or out with their humans. Community is for all living beings. This digital art portrait of my 14 year old rescue cat, Delilah, the “Queen of the North End”, is meant to delight other animal lovers who will immediately relate to the way our pets complete our homes and lives. Here, Delilah is seen regally lying on a rainbow Pride sign, seeming rather proud of herself (YAS
Queen!), and perhaps a little proud of her human too. Why? Halifax has been long known in Atlantic Canada as a place where2SLGBTQ+ people can build a life among a welcoming community. As a quietly queer woman who did not find acceptance and tolerance being “different” in places I’ve lived before, the North End’s openness and clear display of Pride flags and positive messages and signs on lawns promoting anti-homophobia, anti-racism and anti-misogyny was a welcome sight. Living here has given me the space to grow and learn to trust a slow process of meeting and revealing my true self. While I’m still slowly blooming, it feels like, in the North End, I’ve been planted in a good garden - one full of sweet neighbourhood pets. Win-win.

Image Description

Image depicts a cat with dark brown fur and yellow eyes lounging on top of a rainbow pride sign.

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