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Katelynne Cagliostro

Rainy days

I am an illustrator and obsessive doodler currently residing in K’jipuktuk/ Halifax. My work primarily focuses on self-love and personal growth through drawings, comics and zines. I often do this through personal narratives, female figures and floral imagery.

Rainy Days is an illustration from my comic series where I document daily happenings in my life. This specific image is from when I was struggling with my umbrella on a very windy, rainy day in the city. To have it on a banner, blowing away on a rainy day felt very funny and relatable to see within the North End of Halifax.

Image Description

The image is a girl struggling to hold onto her umbrella, as it bends away from her on a windy, rainy day. The umbrella and her shirt are pink while the rest of the image is in shades of blue.

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