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Melissa Noonan


Melissa lives in the Richmond neighbourhood within North End Halifax with her six-year-old son, Clark. Together, they often walk up the steps connecting Union Street to Fort Needham Memorial Park to play frisbee on the field, or head to the playground. This abstract piece represents their climb to the park.

The white pathway up the stairs is flanked with colourful waves, representing the beauty found with the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and personalities of the people they meet along their journey. Deep turquoise and teal were used in the corners, which represents the ocean/Halifax Harbour seen anytime they look back down the stairs.

This piece was created using acrylic paint, mixed with various acrylic mediums and water so that it could easily flow and be moved by the artist’s breathe. A small torch was also used to create the tiny cells and details found in the piece.

Image Description

Acrylic painting featuring vibrant colours blue, yellow, red, green. The colours are mixed together as if it is fluid like water. The colours are located on the top right corner, and bottom left corner; coming together in the middle but not touching in order to allow for the white background to shine through.

This piece incorporates vibrant, high-contracting colours and leverages negative space to emphasize the key features and their symbolic meanings. These features were specifically chosen so the piece could easily be seen from far distances, and by those with low visibility.

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