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Elyssa Ballard

Roller Girl

As someone who only moved to the North End this past Summer, I love walking by the Commons and watching the skaters at the Oval. Seeing everyone out and having fun gives me such a strong sense of community. Rollerskating is a source of freedom to me, it's a hobby I have picked up recently, during big life changes, like moving away from home and finishing my degree. Rollerskates best encapsulate my relationship with my new home in the North End as they are a means of transportation propelled forward by the strength of your own two feet. Just as I am excited to be making a path for myself here in this community as a young adult.

Image Description

The artwork features a woman standing to the right of the piece, in a bright yellow sweater, pink skirt, and knee socks. There is a pair of rollerskates hanging off the woman's left shoulder. The piece is vibrantly coloured, and the background consists of large overlapping groups of colours, such as blue, orange, and purple. In the leftside of the background, there is the purple outline of a large rollerskate's laces.

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