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Craig Ryan

Succumb to Identity Crisis

Pictured is a painting of a genderless non-human being, a creature new to this planet, who feels all the pressure of falling into societal norms but has a great desire to conquer it instead. I’ve never felt right identifying with any terms given by society. I don’t feel comfortable as a man, or a woman, I don’t feel comfortable saying I’m trans or non binary. I wouldn’t refer to myself as identifying with any one sexuality. I simply am me, a human who is capable of loving all other humans. As someone who wasn’t born and raised in Nova Scotia, I was amazed by the warm welcoming the city of Halifax gives to newcomers. I never expected to find such a large community of LGBTQIA+ people and since moving here my self love has grown exponentially.

Image Description

The images at first glance seems to be someone lost within their own mind, but upon further reflection prove each to be a person who is immensely comfortable with the self, surrounded by warm, vibrant tones and no clear identifying markers.

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