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Kjersti Jangaard

Water is Life

I made this painting in response to a local community initiative to support the Mi’kmaw grandmothers and Water Protectors in Sipekne’katik (Shubenacadie) based out of the Radstorm Collective in North End Halifax. Protecting water ecosystems and accessibility for all is a priority issue that we are all intrinsically involved in and I want to continue to put forward this message in whatever platform I can. In the 8 years since this initiative began, the Water Protectors were successful in preventing a major gas company from dumping toxic waste products into the sacred Sipekne’katik (Shubenacadie) river.

Image Description

A watercolour painting that features the silhouette of a woman’s head and torso. Within the silhouette is a Nova Scotian landscape of Sipekne’katik (Shubenacadie) River wetland with grass and a cloudy sky. A Mohawk Warrior flag is flying in the centre. The words ‘WATER IS LIFE’ is featured on the shoulder area of the image.

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