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Alexandra Merkx-Jacques

Window shopping in the Hydrostone

When Alexandra Merkx-Jacques moved to Nova Scotia eleven years ago, she had to rebuilt a whole new social network. This painting, inspired by the Hydrostone area, represent two of the ways that she did this: 1) Taking painting classes to meet other local artists, and 2) going to the Alliance Française in the North End to volunteer on the board as well as participate in their French book club. She has some great memories of spending time on this particular street. These experiences have helped her make Nova Scotia another home.

Alexandra works mostly in acrylics. She is does not shy away from bright and bold colours which is influenced by her diverse cultural background. Her art inspiration often comes from her travels, scuba diving, and hiking trails near her home. Alexandra approaches her art the same way as her science; through experimentation of different painting styles, techniques, and/or textures. Through this journey, she continues to view and translate the everyday world with different lens.

Image Description

Street scene in front of a Hydrostone yarn store. A woman and man push a baby`s stroller in front of the decorated window.

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