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Yang Guo


Yuan (缘) is an abstract concept in Chinese culture. It is an invisible link between people, things, objects, as well as people and other beings. Within this concept, It is Yuan that makes us live in this diverse community (North End) together and we are all experiencing Yuan in our daily lives.

In this digital collage artwork, different colors of hands, nature, and abstract shapes constitute together to achieve a sense of Yuan harmoniously. Let us try to cherish the Yuan we build in the local community.

It is a valuable concept from my culture. Through this art piece, I would love to spread this concept to reach more people in the local community.

Image Description

The artwork features brush stroke pastel pink and blue strokes on a bright teal backdrop. There are pink and yellow sunflowers on the bottom left and right corners and three collaged human hands elegantly reaching upwards from the bottom of the image as well.

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