The official list of candidates running in the 2016 municipal election has been released. In District 8 there are seven candidates vying to represent the area. The candidates are: Brenden Sommerhalder, Lindell Smith, Chris Poole, Patrick Murphy, Anthony Kawalski, Martin Farrell, and Irvine Carvery. In District 7, which takes in a southern strip of the North End, there are 3 candidates: Sue Uteck, Waye Mason, and Dominick Desjardins. To find out more about all of these candidates go to Halifax's Candidates and Offical Agents webpage. There you will find email addresses and links to individual candidate websites. Mayoral Forum NEBA, along with Downtown Halifax Business Commission, Spring Garde


There have been a lot of concerns raised about areas along Gottingen and Agricola being designated "Primary Growth Areas" (PGAs), and understandably so. The last report released on the Centre Plan, "Where and How Should We Grow?" left a lot open for interpretation. Recommended building options for PGAs were identified as "tall" (7 storeys or more) and "moderate" (4-6 storeys), but provided no specifics on what would go where. I met with Jacob Ritchie and his Centre Plan team in July to discuss this issue and get a better understanding of the reasoning behind the document. My concerns being if the areas were over zoned for height, there would be major implications on the neighbourhood charact

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