Over the past year there have been so many HRM planning related initiatives it has been difficult to keep track, let alone informed. All of them have some implication on the North End. Here is a brief summary of what is currently in play that North End businesses and property owners should be aware of and engaged in. CENTRE PLAN The final draft of HRM's Centre Plan was made public on March 24, 2017. It is currently with the Community Design Advisory Council for review, before moving onto the Community Planning and Economic Standing Committee and then Regional Council. NEBA is drafting a detailed response to the plan, offering feedback and suggested changes. This draft plan will set the fou

THE BRIDGE | Building Bridges

When you walk into The Bridge community space, the first thing you notice is immediate lightness. The room is bright and welcoming, but not just because Emma Fitzgerald’s art fills a whole wall or the chic designs of Orr Interiors, it’s the same collaborative spirit that brought The Bridge into being which fuels it today. The theory is that the collision of beautiful people in beautiful space will produce beautiful things. Collaboration has always been important to founder Brianna Stratton, and her mission for The Bridge was to make it easier for people to do so. Inspired by her experience with 21 Inc, an organization that tours the province engaging and equipping young leaders, Brianna want

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