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You may have seen the "I (Heart) the North End" posters around Gottingen the past few weeks. They are part of a little campaign for local businesses in the area to express their love to the neighbourhood. This has been a difficult year for the Gottingen Street Community, with three murders in the area over the past 9 months. Gun violence has left many in the community rocked, heart broken and looking for answers and change. Moving past this will take a strong and supportive community. The North End is great neighbourhood. Everyone I have spoken to really believes that, but at the same time there is also concerned about recent events. In response to the shootings the Halifax Regional Police have increased patrols in the area and the Mayor has launched a round-table bringing together leaders from throughout the Halifax community to discuss issues related to gun violence. The local residential community has also been gathering to discuss issues and find new paths forward that will support their youth and community. But we all should take a look at how each of us can help be part of a brighter future. One area the business community is aptly positioned for is youth employment. There are several opportunities and programs to help businesses that are interested in hiring local youth. Hiring local youth will not solve all the issues, but it can be a positive step forward for the community as a whole. If your business or organization is interested in finding out more about a youth hire program, you can start with the following resources. And please let us know if we can assist in anyway.

CEED's Youth Employability Project Future Roots Y Employer Services NEBA will continue to be engaged in discussions with the community and the city around issues of community safety. If you have any concerns, please call or email. And if you see something in community that looks suspicious, call police.

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