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Discover Independent Grocers in North End Halifax (that aren't owned by Galen Weston)

In today's grocery landscape dominated by big chains, it's refreshing to explore the unique offerings of independent grocers not under the Loblaws umbrella. From quaint neighborhood markets focusing on local produce to specialty shops catering to niche dietary needs, these independent grocers offer a diverse shopping experience that goes beyond the mainstream. Whether you're seeking organic options, international delicacies, or personalized service, these independent gems provide a refreshing alternative to the larger corporate stores. Discover the charm and character of these independent grocers that stand out in a world of mass-market retailers.

photo of an international independent grocer in North End Halifax
Cafe Aroma Latino - 5780 North St.

Organic and Locally-Sourced Foods

Local Source Market - 2530 Agricola St.

Warehouse Market - 2867 Isleville St.

The Grainery Food Co-op - 2385 Agricola St.

Mobile Food Market - Every second Saturday at the Halifax North Memorial Library, 2285 Gottingen St.

International Grocers

JJ Korean Mart - 2326 Gottingen St.

Mid East Food Center - 2595 Agricola St.

Mbuji Mayi Market Center - 2356 Gottingen St.

Cafe Aroma Latino - 5780 North St.

Thomeh Market Kwik-Way - 5580 Nora Bernard St.


Joe's Meat Market - 2370 Gottingen St.

Brother's Meats & Delicatessen - 2665 Agricola St.

Luke's Small Goods - 2393 Agricola St.

Ratinaud - 2157 Gottingen St.

Vegan Grocers

Springhouse Market - 2290 Gottingen St.

Real Fake Meats - 2278 Gottingen St.

Specialty Foods


LF Bakery - 2063 Gottingen St.

Bramble Café & Bakery - 2851 Agricola St.

More Independent Grocers in North End Halifax

Jane's Next Door - 2053 Gottingen St.

Gottingen Food Market - 2352 Gottingen St.

IS. Convenience Store - 5667 Almon St.

Hanna's Variety - 5576 North St.


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