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Meet your North End Neighbour: Fortune Doughnut

Located at 2306 Gottingen Street, Fortune Doughnut offers an array of freshly made doughnuts that have the perfect aesthetic for those Instagramable moments!

a box full of doughnuts from Fortune Doughnut in North End Halifax

If you’re craving a delicious dessert, the North End is where you need to be! Home to some of the best baked goods in town, Fortune Doughnut will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also give you an unforgettable experience at the same time. This local business is guaranteed to have you seeing doughnuts in your future!

A Stimulating Doughnut Shop

Just imagine walking into a shop and being greeted by a three-eyed cat, gigantic doughnuts floating above your head, and so many eccentric pieces of artwork you don’t know where to look! That is Fortune Doughnut. This small space is guaranteed to have your senses stimulated, and your mind blown! Not to mention, the colourful design offers the perfect aesthetic to snap some pics for your Instagram.

Eclectic doughnut décor at Fortune Doughnut in North End Halifax

I have always used my businesses as a creative outlet. I feel most at home in a wacky environment that makes people happy. Creating welcoming, unique spaces is my absolute favourite thing about being a business owner.” says Fortune Doughnut owner, Erin.

The incredible décor itself is enough to keep bringing people in over and over, but the star of the show is their delicious confectionaries.

What’s on the Menu

Doughnuts, doughnuts, and more doughnuts! Their fried dough confectionaries are made fresh, in-house daily. They offer mini, regular, and giant-sized doughnuts (make sure to order ahead if you’re looking for mini or giant size!), as well as a variety of vegan/dairy-free options. While they do have staple items that appear on their menu often (like the famous Homer & Marge doughnuts - a classic round doughnut covered in sweet icing and colourful sprinkles), they do not have a set menu. The talented bakers tap into their creativity every morning to bring you a delicious and ever-changing menu! You can keep up-to-date by following their Facebook and Instagram pages, where they post the daily menu every morning.

Some of their most popular products include the Skor Dip and Dunkaroo doughnuts, and their cinnamon rolls are quite spectacular as well!

The People Behind the Doughnuts

The team at Fortune Doughnut is made up of a small but mighty staff of 10 employees; 5 on the baking team and 5 front-of-house staff. The team is comprised of creative, doughnut-loving individuals who bring the doughnut magic to the North End every day (not to mention, depending on the day, they bake up to 500 - 1500 doughnuts!)

Classic sprinkle doughnut from Fortune Doughnut in North End Halifax with colourful doughnut décor in the background

Before opening Fortune Doughnut in April of 2019, owner Erin was in the candy business for 20 years;

I loved the colourful atmosphere, fun products, and excited customers that went along with that business, so doughnuts with fun ingredients and toppings seemed like a perfect next step for me.”

While Fortune Doughnut is still new to the North End community, Owner Erin has spent some time getting acquainted with the area before opening the colourful doughnut shop;

“I have lived in the North End with my partner and 3 children for over 6 years now. I have lived in many Halifax neighbourhoods, but the North End is the best fit for myself and my family. I feel the North End has a real focus on community. You really get to know your neighbours in the North End. People care about what is going on and look out for each other…The North End has really grown to become a very self-contained little slice of heaven in our quickly growing city! I can pretty much find everything I need here. I like the people, the shops, the green spaces. We even get acquainted with people’s pets in the north end! It’s home to me.”

Next time you are visiting the North End of Halifax, make sure to stop into Fortune Doughnut in The Velo at 2306 Gottingen Street.

To learn more about Fortune Doughnut, check out their website here.


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